A new dawn for data management

Efficiency, agility and control

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The possibility

Efficiency, agility and control have always driven the evolution of data centre management. But when all three can be improved in a single shift to a Software Defined Data Centre, the speed and effectiveness of carrying out such a transformation becomes paramount.

Our partner

The European Investment Bank Group (EIB) is the world’s biggest multilateral borrower and lender. Based in Luxembourg, it’s owned by the EU Member States and represents their interests in implementing EU policy.

How it started…

Like most progressive steps forward, it began with a problem. Over 3,000 staff and nearly 5,000 users – people who relied on tech services across a network of local and regional offices – were being held back by a complex legacy of servers, storage and back-up solutions, and monitoring technologies. All this, combined with the need to guaranty control and integrity of their data within the borders of the EU.

The value of migrating these operations to a Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) was undeniable.

How we solved it…

As Actium IO – a service consortium with Halian as the lead contractual partner – we designed a roadmap to a more agile and innovative SDDC infrastructure. One that would enable the EIB to deliver its long-term ambition to become a global banking force.

At the heart of this paradigm shift, we dedicated expertise in infrastructure architecture, design & operations, and systems & virtualisation engineering, as well as storage and backup support.

How it changed things…

By leading a consortium of best-in-class partners and sub-contractors, we are well on the way to delivering the transformational changes needed to bring the EIB to the forefront of data centre infrastructure innovation and efficiency.

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