A singular AI strategy for a joint venture

Two healthcare organisations

A singular AI strategy for a joint venture case study image


Our two clients – one an American supplier of health information technology services, devices, and hardware; the other a leading American private hospital in the UAE – joined forces for a progressive new venture.


The technology vendor is a long-standing client of ours. We provide a large number of technology resources to them across the Middle East. By proxy, some of our tech talent work at the American hospital. We were the natural choice to support the project.


As part of our managed services offering, we were invited to support them on their data strategy and artificial intelligence vision and deliver use cases aligned to the design – helping to improve factors including operations, user experience and patient care.

There was a desire from the top to create a centre of excellence – across the entire data supply chain.


Halian's in-house team collaborates with a uniquely designed data science company based in the United States. Together, we carried forward the project work.

Data science is a very experimental process. The challenges were accessing the right data and building models to adapt to their production environment and industry.

As we support the primary technology vendor that implements the entire healthcare technology ecosystem, we had full access to the data required to deliver machine learning models that combine accuracy and value.


Proud of the project's success, the joint venture has since publicised the work through many of the region's newspapers. And, with several use cases in the pipeline, the project will continue to grow into the future.

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