Changing platforms. Making progress.

Large cloud migration

Changing platforms. Making progress. case study image

The possibility

With any large cloud migration, there will always be apprehension. But, with insight and strategy, the shift to a new platform can be truly transformative. Unsurprisingly, the difference between success and failure often comes down not to technology or infrastructure, but to people.

Our partner

A prestigious financial institution in Europe. Home to over 36,000 securities, issued by entities from more than 100 countries.

How it started…

The business case had been agreed and the decision had been made: the client was moving their internal data centre infrastructure to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

To perform such a significant migration behind closed doors is challenge enough. To do so in a high-profile institution that prides itself on transparency adds another layer of complexity.

The talent driving the change needed to demonstrate next-level tech expertise at every step of the journey.

How we solved it…

Our brief was to identify and hire the A-team. We scoured Europe for highly experienced cloud architects with the talent to achieve the initial migration efficiently and plan for a new future of cloud based systems

To meet the institution’s dedication to equality and inclusion, it was also important our team was gender diverse in what is traditionally a male-dominated arena.

In the space of four weeks, and with our support during the selection process, a diverse team of true international experts had been assembled. The pieces for realising the strategic cloud agenda were in place.

How it changed things…

The final team delivered not only the sought-after technology experience, but was culturally diverse – from Romania, Russia, Luxembourg, Germany and France – and included an exceptional female software architect.

Together, they’re working to deliver the strategic and operational value that only moving to a cloud solution can unlock.

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