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The possibility

A corrupt application or a broken laptop is more than an inconvenience. Performance. Productivity. Profitability. They’re all impacted. So having end user support in place that minimises downtime must be a business imperative. An opportunity to transform personal and organisational efficiency.

Our partner

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Employing around 100,000 people across 100 countries. Achieving annual revenues of over £30 billion.

How it started…

In today’s ever-changing landscape, it’s a given that users can be online and systems are available 24/7. Factor in a highly regulated industry, the rising costs of a pay-per-use break & fix model, and the need to respond with speed and agility, and the challenge becomes business critical.

Designing and delivering just such a service solution was our brief. Supporting more than 10,000 users across 15 UK and Ireland sites.

How we solved it…

Forty-five support specialists deployed in Help Lounges – on-site support hubs inspired by the Apple Genius Bars. Their mission: to get users back online and fully operational within 45 minutes, using a centralised application directory and supply of replacement hardware.

Our innovative model and core team of experts reduced the need for costly desk-side support and the number of help tickets being raised.

How it changed things…

We designed a user experience that innovated support. Simplicity and productivity increased, while costs reduced by 30% compared with the previous service. An ongoing saving that equates to several million pounds over the lifetime of the contract.

Satisfaction ratings went up. ‘Very Good” or ‘Excellent’ became the norm. A reflection of how less downtime, easier support processes and greater productivity can enhance morale within the user community.

We set a new standard in accelerated end user support.

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