Making the case for a cloud migration

There comes a tipping point

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The possibility

There comes a tipping point: having your data and servers entirely on premise no longer provides the control and visibility that your business needs. In fact, migrating operations to a cloud environment could open up the potential for cost reductions and optimized performance. But how can you be sure before making the leap?

Our partner

A leader in the UAE oil and gas sector. Servicing thousands of customers across 60 markets. Employing over 9,000 people.

How it started…

Operational excellence and cost optimization have always been the driving forces behind a change of data centre infrastructure. So when our client’s large on-premise server footprint posed challenges of security, scalability and management, a solution was needed.

Some applications had already been migrated to Microsoft Azure, but the real business impact was hard to gauge. To help make the right decision moving forward, we were engaged…

How we solved it…

We put together a comprehensive business case for migrating the entire on-premise infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, including detailed TCO and ROI calculations.

After collecting inventory and performance metric data from the network, we designed a strategy to optimize Azure data consumption and minimize costs by re-sizing, updating and securing the Azure VMs.

How it changed things…

Internally, our assessment strongly supported the business case for a cloud migration. With a clear understanding of the ROI, we were able to show our client a 27% decrease in Azure costs based on performance metrics and significant operational improvements in security and scalability.

We trained our client’s systems administrators on how to clean stale virtual machines and remove unattached disks, ensuring cost and performance optimization as the business grew. Empowering the team from within.

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