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The business landscape has never evolved so fast. The lines between physical and digital worlds are blurring. And technology and talent are leading the transformation.

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Shaping the future of finance and commerce

As technology continues to revolutionise financial and commerce sectors for consumers and businesses, our experts are at the forefront of discovery – forging the way forward.

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Building success from the ground up

Fintech start-up

We had to prove ourselves quickly to build trust. And that meant first proving our expertise without asking for a long-term commitment. We began by discussing our expertise in the fintech space and our understanding of the client’s talent needs. Then we executed a targeted headhunt for two initial requirements.

Halian's Commercial and Financial Experts

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Zeshan Parvaiz

Associate Director

Zeshan boasts a wealth of international recruitment experience, with over 14 years of cross-border expertise. With a focus on the Middle East and Africa for the past 12 years, he has honed his skills in both financial and technical recruitment. Zeshan's exceptional business acumen, combined with his deep understanding of various technologies, enables him to identify exceptionally skilled candidates quickly, even under tight deadlines. His commitment to providing high-quality service and accuracy in searches with a consultative approach makes Zeshan an asset to any recruitment team.

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Dhanu Asokkumar

Principal Recruitment Consultant

A specialist in finance recruitment with over 10 years of experience across the UK and the Middle East, providing solutions to businesses seeking to build and transform their finance function. He has an excellent track record of delivering recruitment solutions to companies seeking to develop or transform their finance function. Dhanu takes a keen interest in the latest technological solutions within finance and helping organisations transform their finance functions.

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Our thoughts on the big issues in Technology

Discover the latest trends and topics in technology from our experts and industry partners.

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