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The business landscape has never evolved so fast. The lines between physical and digital worlds are blurring. And technology and talent are leading the transformation.

Our approach mirrors this progress. We don't see impenetrable barriers between clients, candidates and services. Instead, we take a more agile approach to helping both businesses and people fulfil their potential.

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From Cloud Services and Enterprise Software to AI and Machine Learning – by embracing the very ideas our talent enables in others, we’re able to operate as a dedicated service partner at the frontier of progress. Helping businesses realise their digital transformations.

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Insights from Halian

Meet Jon Dugdale, Director of Infrastructure Practice at Halian

Meet Jon Dugdale - Director of Infrastructure Practice at Halian

Jon is a dedicated recruitment specialist who leads the Infrastructure Team with over 10 years of recruiting experience. His extensive knowledge of the regional talent market and deep understanding of the industry make him a respected team leader. In addition to his team leader role, Jon is the driving force behind Halian's Leaders In Tech events. He also provides invaluable support to Halian Academy trainees, imparting the knowledge necessary to deliver Halian's full range of recruitment services effectively.

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The Great Renegotiation, redefining office work article image

The Great Renegotiation – redefining office work

After the first wave of the pandemic subsided, many employers were eager to call their workers back to the office. They were surprised by the number of employees who did not return. The so-called Great Resignation occurred because many workers simply did not want to return to the old normal. Many enjoyed working from home and found that they were just as, if not more, productive. Many workers were fighting burn-out and stress from the pandemic while others found that time away from the office helped them to decide to do something else.

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Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals article image

Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals

Cybersecurity talent is notoriously hard to find. Any company looking to build its cybersecurity team had better have a solid plan – a plan that goes beyond traditional means of recruiting and retention. Cybersecurity professionals have many options. If you can find candidates, how can your company stand out as a desirable place to work? Read on to learn some of the best ways to attract cybersecurity professionals.

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What makes a great UX portfolio article image

What makes a great UX portfolio?

A portfolio reflects the designer's creativity and serves as a true example of what they are capable of and their abilities. Read the article to find out what makes a great UX portfolio and how to impress the hiring managers by setting yourself apart.

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