Building success from the ground up

Fintech start-up

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Our Dubai-based customer was building a new fintech business from the ground up. They would need support providing tech talent at every level of the organisation – all aligned to a pioneering new vision.


After a number of bad experiences, the client had lost trust in recruitment agencies. We made contact in a bid to rebuild their faith and prove what possibilities open up when you work with a trusted partner who gets your vision.


Trust in us. We had to prove ourselves quickly to build trust. And that meant first proving our expertise without asking for a long-term commitment.
We began by discussing our expertise in the fintech space and our understanding of the client’s talent needs. Then we executed a targeted headhunt for two initial requirements.


Support beyond Resume. The exceptional talent the client sought was based mainly in Europe, Australia or South America. With Covid-19 at its peak, our first challenge was to locate experts who were happy working remotely before relocating to the UAE in early 2021.

We sourced all over the world and, despite the tough environment, our first two candidates were hired. Both proved adept at handling time differences and collaborating across the globe.

But our initial support went beyond just talent resourcing. We extended our expertise to providing HR-related advice, such as how to structure bonuses and benefits packages. We provided transparent and comprehensive support – support the client had never received from any other agency they had worked with.


Three years together. Our level of service, advice and guidance on all things related to talent have reaffirmed the client’s belief in resourcing expertise. This joined-up approach to packages and people has also helped to secure the very highest level of talent.

With our partnership now embedded, we’re now embarking on a three-year roadmap with the client – helping them to hire, grow and achieve their ambitious vision.

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