Designing a team for the future

Tech breakthroughs

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The possibility

Tech breakthroughs enable economies to progress. Yet the human influence on this evolution can often be overlooked. Without the right people and knowledge to deploy and enhance new technologies, the potential will never be fully realised. Transformation relies on talent. Find the people and you find the future.

Our partner

A provider of postal, banking and telecommunications services. Employing nearly 4,500 people in over 26 operating companies. Generating over €760m in annual revenue.

How it started…

An ambitious programme of transformative change. The client was ready to invest in new services connected to digitalisation, ICT convergence, cybersecurity and logistics. The aim: deliver sustainable growth and improve the customer experience.

The technology was out there to enable this business change. They needed the tech talent in place to deploy, maintain and accelerate this transformational programme of work. Our role was defined.

How we solved it…

Effective team design starts with people strategy. We mapped out the key talent gaps and put together a talent acquisition roadmap. Talent pools were then constructed: from helpdesk agents, network & security engineers, and architects, to project managers, business analysts and development specialists.

Slow and ineffective HR processes were replaced by our own agile sourcing and on-boarding model.

How it changed things…

By providing a holistic approach and a dedicated service team, our client no longer needed to use external consultants on a case-by-case basis to fill talent gaps. Costs were reduced. We were able to meet challenging technical and language requirements with speed, side-stepping the cumbersome internal processes that had previously hindered progress. The organisation’s digital transformation was accelerated.

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