Supporting a local InsurTech start-up so they can continue revolutionising the sector

InsurTech start-up


Our customer is a privately owned InsurTech startup based in Abu Dhabi. The organisation initially started as a means to reconcile payments between motor insurance companies in the UAE leveraging blockchain technology. Their goal is to revolutionise the InsurTech industry and provide affordable and accessible insurance for everyone.


The client reached out to us with the hopes of utilising our substantial compliance expertise in the Middle East. They had been struggling to secure the “Head of Product” role independently - a crucial role in ensuring that the company's products meet the needs of its customers. They had previously shortlisted four candidates, none of which were a suitable match.


Our teams signed a retainer with the customer and carried out a discovery session to ensure we truly understood their pain points. A solid market mapping for the “Head of Product” role in the MENA region helped us share some of the best talent.


Drawing on our regional knowledge, we provided a practical solution and efficiently onboarded the hire, with many more resources pipelined for the future. After the briefing, our team started sharing profiles and managed fill the role at a rapid pace. The fast turnaround was made possible with a dedicated team working in close partnership with the client.


The speed and success of this initial Halian experience impressed the client greatly – they witnessed first-hand the depth of our expertise and network. The role was closed in only three weeks, and it was a great example of how critical it is to have a solid partnership with the client, as Halian worked collaboratively with the people involved. Essentially, the client was able to focus on other areas internally, knowing that we would find the perfect fit.

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