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Stuart Fry picture

Stuart Fry


Stuart has been an asset to Halian since joining the company in 2007. Initially leading the UK sales organisation, he established the Halian International office in Dubai. Under his leadership, the company has experienced significant growth across the Middle East, with critical operations established in the UAE, KSA, and Qatar. As CEO since 2022, Stuart has been instrumental in setting Halian's strategic goals, managing the leadership team and guiding the company into a new era of evolution. His exceptional leadership and strategic vision have truly driven the company's success.

Lloyd Cremer picture

Lloyd Cremer

Chief Revenue Officer

Lloyd started his career in Halian as the head of our Permanent Recruitment team for the Middle East – Halian Search. Within this role, he proved exceptional leadership and decision-making skills, which led to well-deserved career advancement to Vice President of Sales for the entire MENA region and, within a short time, became Chief Revenue Officer of Halian. Lloyd has spent over ten years proudly crafting a solid network of highly respected professionals within the Technology and Digital space, which he values enormously and continues to nurture.

Adam Karageorgas picture

Adam Karageorgas

Chief Services Officer

Since joining Halian in 2020, Adam's exceptional leadership and strategic vision have driven the company's success globally, leading its affairs in Europe. With 20+ years in the tech sector, he brings expertise in offshore app development, infrastructure management, and service governance. Adam has a proven track record of success in global industries, including banking, travel & transport, and Smart City programs across Europe and the Middle East. Starting as Service Delivery Manager, he has risen to the position of Chief Services Officer through hard work and results.

Martin Sokolowski picture

Martin Sokolowski

Senior Vice President - Sales

Martin is a seasoned and incredibly successful Sales Executive, serving as the Senior Vice President of Sales at Halian. He has a tremendous track record in building and leading multicultural teams and joined Halian in 2015 to enhance its European culture. With a drive for excellence and a passion for helping Halian reach its goals, Martin has successfully increased European profits. He is now responsible for driving the company forward and expanding its European presence.

Fayçal Chaddad picture

Fayçal Chaddad

Vice-President Smart Services

With over a decade of experience as a consultant for EU Institutions and Bodies, Faycal has served as a critical account and VP Client Executive for listed companies of the BEL20 & CAC40. He has managed the development of Mission-Critical Systems in the Middle East and Africa as Branch Manager in Abu Dhabi. Faycal is deeply committed to his clients, values Lean Management principles, people's commitment, and knowledge, and believes that individuals are the most sustainable and valuable resource for any organisation. His goal is to help Halian achieve its future endeavours and make an impactful difference in the world.

Carolina Di Mattia picture

Carolina Di Mattia

Head of Talent Team

Carolina brings both passion and an eye for detail to the European Institutions practice. Being a consummate professional, she thrives on delivering a professional outcome to our main partners. A firm believer in the importance of trust, transparency and communication, Carolina supports our employees and key clients to achieve their common goals.

Guillaume Calvet picture

Guillaume Calvet

Associate Director

Guillaume is an accomplished Associate Director at Halian, with a keen focus on Cyber Security, Software Engineering, and Nex-Gen. With a deep passion for people and technology, he excels in developing businesses and driving market growth. With extensive experience in both IT and Finance, Guillaume brings a unique perspective to his work. He honed his skills working in Luxembourg before joining Halian and can adapt to the specific needs and mindsets of a diverse range of clients. He has worked with many clients, from the banking sector to trustees, funds, commercial companies, and startups. His ability to understand and cater to each client's unique needs sets him apart, making him a valued member of the Halian team.

Andy Watriquant

Andy Watriquant

Associate Director

After more than ten years in the pharmaceutical industry, Andy had successfully started a new professional career in Sustainable Finance and Recruitment. He is an enthusiastic, passionate person who is always ready to share his experience with his team and colleagues at Halian. Specialized in Banking and Asset Management, Andy developed strong partnerships with his candidates and clients. He is now leading Halian Financial Services.

Andy Turner picture

Andy Turner

Delivery Manager

Andy is one of Halian’s most experienced and long-standing senior professional, having joined the UK business in 2003. His focus is on pre-sales and smart services architecture. Recently he has had significant experience in the Healthcare sector designing and implementing a core business management system to deliver application integration services.

Oussama El Karkouri picture

Oussama El Karkouri

IT Recruiter Specialized in Infrastructure, Cloud and Project Management

With an experience of more than 10 years in the field of entrepreneurship and IT project management, I moved to Luxembourg, a country full of opportunities and rich in culture in order to open a new chapter of my professional career, learn and share new experiences, today I am a 360 recruiter at Halian where I manage the recruitment of the best talents in the field of IT infrastructure, project and change management.

Julia Pichkurova picture

Julia Pichkurova

Client Manager

With 7 years of experience in the IT sphere, I have joined Halian as a 360 Recruiter.I am covering the responsibilities of a Recruiter, a Sales person, and an Account Manager. My main responsibilities include working with one of Halian key clients, proving the best candidates, and maintaining the relationship with the partner. Also, I am developing new clients in one of the most innovative IT spheres - FinTech.

Margaux Muller picture

Margaux Muller

Associate Director

I have started my career with Halian and evolve in the company. After 8 years of experience in IT recruitment/sales, I acquired all the competencies to manage key clients, and create a link with candidates. Now my network is quite big and it's easier for me to put people in relation (clients/candidate. Now I'm leading the infrastructure team, sector in which I evolve since 2016.

Priscillia Schwan picture

Priscillia Schwan

Client Manager - IT Recruiter

Priscilla is a client executive at Halian. She leverages her over three years of experience in IT recruitment in Luxembourg and a master's degree in business to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients. Her primary responsibility is to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of service, and she works continuously to find and nurture harmonious partnerships for the business. Priscilla is a dedicated professional who takes pride in staying positive and focused in the workplace. She understands the importance of being adaptable and empathetic to meet each client's unique needs. With her passion for client satisfaction and her expertise in the IT recruitment industry, Priscilla is an invaluable member of our team.

Selim Arslan picture

Selim Arslan

IT Recruitment Consultant

Selim is an exceptional member of the Halian team, highly valued for his contributions. With a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, he is dedicated to continuous self-improvement and always seeks out opportunities to expand his skillset and knowledge in his field. As an IT Recruitment Consultant at Halian's Luxembourg office, Selim is committed to delivering top-notch service to our clients. He consistently goes above and beyond to identify and recruit the most qualified candidates, ensuring that our clients receive only the best of the best.

Drithi Bopanna Puliyanda picture

Drithi Bopanna Puliyanda

Recruitment Consultant

Drithi started her journey as Recruitment Consultant with Halian in 2023 and is driven to deliver quality service in enhancing both candidate and client experience. With her background in Organizational Behavior, Drithi has an eye for detail in candidate assessments. Having lived in three countries before Luxembourg, Drithi thrives in a multicultural environment and establishes people-relations proficiently.


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