Looking at Nuances and Cultural Considerations in Saudi Arabian Recruitment

08 September 2023
4 min read

When you think of Saudi Arabia, you often think about the hot desert, oil production and what is considered the central hub for all Islamic teachings and culture. But over the years, the country has seen significant growth thanks in part to its Saudi Vision 2030, which outlines a long-term blueprint for its future and aims to diversify its economy, reduce its dependency on oil, and promote social and cultural development.

With this in mind, there has been increased demand for workers in the Kingdom for citizens and expatriates. That being said, recruiting in Saudi Arabia also presents unique challenges and opportunities due to its rich cultural tapestry deeply rooted in Islamic traditions and Bedouin customs. Understanding and respecting these cultural nuances is paramount for successful recruitment in the Kingdom.

Dress Code: Traditional Attire Speaks Volumes

In Saudi Arabia, adhering to conservative dress codes is of utmost importance. For both men and women, modesty is essential. For men, this typically involves wearing a thobe (a long white robe) and a head covering called a ghutra or shemagh. Women traditionally wear an abaya (a loose-fitting black cloak) and often cover their hair with a headscarf.

Understanding and respecting these attire norms demonstrates cultural sensitivity and respect for the Kingdom’s customs. Recruiters and potential candidates should adopt modest dress when engaging in professional settings.

Gender Considerations: Balancing Traditions with Modernity

Saudi Arabia has seen significant strides in women’s empowerment in recent years, including their participation in the workforce. However, it is crucial to recognise that gender dynamics still play a significant role in Saudi Arabian society. For example, it is customary for unrelated men and women to avoid physical contact, which includes handshakes. Instead, a polite nod or hand over the heart as a sign of respect is more appropriate. When conducting interviews, it’s essential to create a comfortable environment for female candidates, providing options for female interviewers or ensuring that interviews take place in gender-segregated spaces.

Communication Styles: Politeness and Indirectness

Communication in Saudi Arabia tends to be more formal and indirect compared to Western cultures. Expressing oneself with tact and courtesy is highly valued. It is common to use honorific titles like “Mr.” or “Dr.” along with the person’s name.

Moreover, Saudis often prioritise building personal relationships before diving into business discussions. Taking the time to engage in small talk and inquire about a person’s well-being is considered a sign of respect and genuine interest.

Recruitment in Saudi Arabia demands a deep appreciation for the Kingdom’s rich cultural tapestry. More than just understanding the culture, other crucial factors are also key to a successful recruitment. Embracing these considerations will build stronger relationships with candidates and contribute to the overall success of your client’s business in the Saudi Arabian market.

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