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Public sector progress

After securing a five-year-project with a national finance ministry – assisting with the infrastructure and applications for a recent VAT implementation – the client engaged us again. Our role was to supply tech talent over a phased period, but at short notice.

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Two healthcare organisations

As part of our managed services offering, we were invited to support them on their data strategy and artificial intelligence vision and deliver use cases aligned to the design – helping to improve factors including operations, user experience and patient care. There was a desire from the top to create a centre of excellence – across the entire data supply chain.

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Fintech start-up

Commercial and Financial

We had to prove ourselves quickly to build trust. And that meant first proving our expertise without asking for a long-term commitment. We began by discussing our expertise in the fintech space and our understanding of the client’s talent needs. Then we executed a targeted headhunt for two initial requirements.

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A fast growing fintech firm


Compliance is key The client was searching for a Chief Compliance Officer – an absolutely crucial role to ensure accordance with the ADGM regulations as well as local and international regulations around BIN sponsorship.

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Cyber security arm of a global telecoms group

Cyber Security

From one role... Our new relationship began with a single role. The same day we received our brief, we shared a CV and, by the end of the week, an offer was on the table. After demonstrating our ability to turn things round with rapid precision, our partnership has gone from strength to strength.

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Supplier of health information technology

We were briefed to help establish a one-patient, one-record information solution in the UAE that would share operational, admin and clinical data from one hospital to another.

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Increased productivity


A corrupt application or a broken laptop is more than an inconvenience. Performance. Productivity. Profitability. They’re all impacted. So having end user support in place that minimises downtime must be a business imperative. An opportunity to transform personal and organisational efficiency.

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A team that’s built to transform

In 2017, the client had secured a project with one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest names in the dairy sector. The job was to implement a new SAP solution, called SAP Transportation Management and SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management).

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There comes a tipping point


having your data and servers entirely on premise no longer provides the control and visibility that your business needs. In fact, migrating operations to a cloud environment could open up the potential for cost reductions and optimized performance. But how can you be sure before making the leap?

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Efficiency, agility and control

European Inst

Efficiency, agility and control have always driven the evolution of data centre management. But when all three can be improved in a single shift to a Software Defined Data Centre, the speed and effectiveness of carrying out such a transformation becomes paramount.

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Large cloud migration


With any large cloud migration, there will always be apprehension. But, with insight and strategy, the shift to a new platform can be truly transformative. Unsurprisingly, the difference between success and failure often comes down not to technology or infrastructure, but to people.

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Tech breakthroughs


Tech breakthroughs enable economies to progress. Yet the human influence on this evolution can often be overlooked. Without the right people and knowledge to deploy and enhance new technologies, the potential will never be fully realised. Transformation relies on talent. Find the people and you find the future.

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InsurTech start-up


Our customer – an InsureTech startup in Abu Dhabi, was looking to successfully onboard the best person for the crucial “Head of Product” role. Our teams helped them find the right candidate to so they can continue on their path to making insurance accessible for everyone.

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Infrastructure & Cloud

Our regional industry and talent know-how helped a global IT services and consulting leader onboard both permanent and contract specialists. Halian is now the company’s preferred payroll and talent acquisition partner.

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Digital transformation

Projects and Change

We secured a high volume of top calibre international project-focused talent for a Middle Eastern retail leader. A job well done resulted in additional 25 permanent and external contractors on Halian’s payroll.

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Digital transformation through talent for a luxury retail fashion and e-commerce business case study image

Cybersicherheitsabteilung eines globalen Telekommunikationskonzerns

Von einer Rolle... Unsere neue Beziehung begann mit einer einzigen Aufgabe. Noch am selben Tag, an dem wir unser Mandat erhielten, tauschten wir einen Lebenslauf aus und am Ende der Woche lag ein Angebot auf dem Tisch. Nachdem wir bewiesen hatten, dass wir in der Lage sind, die Dinge schnell und präzise zu ändern, hat sich unsere Partnerschaft immer weiter gefestigt.

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Ein Team, das für die Transformation geschaffen ist

Im Jahr 2017 hatte der Kunde ein Projekt mit einem der größten saudi-arabischen Molkereikonzerne abgeschlossen. Der Auftrag bestand darin, eine neue SAP-Lösung namens SAP Transportation Management und SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) zu implementieren.

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InsurTech start-up

Unser Kunde - ein InsureTech-Startup in Abu Dhabi - war auf der Suche nach der besten Person für die wichtige Position des “Head of Product”. Unsere Teams halfen ihnen, den richtigen Kandidaten zu finden, damit sie ihren Weg fortsetzen können, Versicherungen für jedermann zugänglich zu machen.

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Anbieter von Gesundheitsinformationstechnologie

Wir wurden beauftragt, in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten eine Lösung zu entwickeln, die den Austausch von Betriebs-, Verwaltungs- und klinischen Daten von einem Krankenhaus zum anderen ermöglicht und nur einen Patienten und einen Datensatz umfasst.

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